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Risk Management Support

Workers’ Compensation, Unemployment Claims and Legal compliance can drain a company of time and talent that could otherwise be focused on productivity.

Workers’ Compensation Claims Management

 Assist in Return To Work (RTW) program.
 Aggressively attack all questionable claims.

 Work with location to ensure modified duty accommodations.
 Liaison between client employer, injured worker, and medical provider.

 Review claims and reserve weekly to assess settlement or closure position.
 Manage claims in multi state platform ensuring legal compliance with state guidelines.

 Provide client a "claim kit" that will assist with proper claims handling at the time of incident.

Unemployment Claims Resolution 

 Participate in all fact finding and ruling hearings.
Ensure due diligence by state for legal compliance.

 Timely response to request for separation information.
 Aggressively defend client employer during the protesting of all questionable claims.

Legal Compliance

 Assist with managing the OSHA 300 logs.
 Provide each site with the yearly 301A report.

 Ensure claims adjusting license in applicable states.
 Provide all appropriate WC and UI required postings.

 Maintain workers compensation compliance in every state.
 Maintain unemployment insurance compliance in every state.

Ensure that EIN is 100 % compliant with the PEO legislation to secure confidence from our clients.