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Benefits Administration
In today’s workforce it is critical to be competitive with benefits to attract the kind of employees that will help make a business successful. EIN administers and offers access to Fortune 500-style benefit plans, with multiple options for the client to choose. To ensure client service, we customize our benefit package to meet your company needs. EIN also has a full-time Benefits Coordinator on staff to manage all benefit programs.

Benefit Support

 ERISA compliance.
 Administer all Cobra processing.
Handle the tough benefit questions.
Assist employees with claim inquiries.
 Inform employees of updates to benefit plans.
Supply all necessary forms, directories, applications, etc.
 Manage benefit enrollment, overseeing all of the details.
 Track benefit and payroll deductions to ensure correct premium payment.

Benefit Product Offerings

 Credit union

 Life insurance.
 Dental insurance.
 Vision insurance.
 Medical insurance.
 Short term disability.
 Long term disability.
 COBRA Administration.
 Supplemental policies.
Section 125 Cafeteria Plan (including a Dependent Care Spending Account).