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Human Resource Management & Regulatory Compliance
Our goal in Human Resource is to provide professional, accurate, and timely support to employees and our clients. This support will assist with compliance in all regulatory exposures associated with employment. Our training and development program extends to all on-site supervisors. Below are the services that we commonly assist clients with, or in some cases, completely handle.

 Supply required state and federal employment posters.
 ERISA compliance program for all qualified benefit plans.
 Handle Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) notifications and tracking.
 Manage all COBRA administration timely based on communication from client.
 Conduct HR audits at the client’s request to determine areas of improvement.
HR Administration 
Assist in writing job descriptions.
 Provide clients with comprehensive employment forms.
 Provide eligible employees with benefit eligibility notifications. 
 Create and maintain employee records and assist with client compliance.
 Provide online access to comprehensive collection of employment and payroll forms.
 Evaluate existing employee guidelines and provide appropriate revisions to ensure compliance.
HR Support
 Background searches and drug testing programs.
 Offer support and guidance when resolving complex HR issues.
 Provide training materials in specific areas for managers and supervisors.
 Provide updated information to management on human resource and payroll issues.
 Assist in designing compensation, retention, attendance, and bonus award programs.