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SaaShr Workforce Management Solutions


Tracking employee time and attendance is necessary, but without the right solution, this can be a cumbersome task filled with spreadsheets, manual calculations, and paper timesheets.  EIN has partnered with SaaShr in order to provide our clients with the opportunity to streamline their Payroll process.  SaaShr is a Web-Based Time and Labor Managerment software with multiple features; following are some of the key functions to SaaShr:

Time Management

        Utilize as a complete web-based system by clocking in and out on a website
        Vacation/PTO Requests can be initiated, reviewed, approved and tracked through the SaaShr system
        Manager approval levels can be set up on timesheets as well as for vacation/PTO requests
        Electronic time and attendance files can be created and uploaded directly to EIN's payroll processing system


       Individual timesheets
       Reports and tracking capabilities by department, job and/or location
       Time-off calendars
       Various summary reports